• August 5, 2023
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In a significant step towards advancing global sustainable energy solutions, engineers from Studio Santi, an innovative energy consultancy based in Italy, have partnered with engineers from Tanzania for practical training sessions centred around the development and implementation of Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plants. This collaborative effort is part of the Future2 Training program, aimed at fostering international cooperation in the field of renewable electricity.

The focus of the training is on the design, construction, and operation of Utility Scale Solar PV Power Plants, which have gained prominence as a clean and efficient means of generating large-scale electricity from solar energy.

During the training sessions, participants are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses theoretical knowledge as well as practical aspects of renewable energy systems. Studio Santi’s engineers bring their expertise in advanced solar technologies and grid integration, while the Tanzanian engineers provide insights into local environmental conditions and energy infrastructure.

Prof. Frederico Santi, the lead engineer from Studio Santi, highlighted the importance of such collaborations, stating, “Sharing knowledge across borders is crucial for the global transition to renewable energy sources. Utility Scale Solar PV Power Plants have immense potential to revolutionize the energy landscape, and we believe that this collaboration will not only enhance our understanding but also pave the way for sustainable energy projects in Tanzania.”

The Tanzanian engineers expressed their enthusiasm for the program, emphasizing the practical experience they gained from working closely with experts in the field. Eng. Juma Ndlovu, one of the Tanzanian participants, mentioned, “Learning from the experiences of engineers who have been involved in the design and operation of successful solar projects is invaluable. We are excited to implement this knowledge in our upcoming projects.”

Tanzania, with its abundant sunlight resources, holds enormous potential for solar energy generation, making it a key player in Africa’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. By teaming up with Studio Santi, Tanzanian engineers gain valuable insights into the latest technologies and best practices in solar power plant development.

As the world continues to strive for sustainable energy solutions, initiatives like the Future2 Training program play a pivotal role in fostering cross-border partnerships and knowledge exchange. This collaboration between Studio Santi and Tanzanian engineers not only strengthens ties between the two nations but also contributes to the global mission of achieving a greener and more sustainable future through renewable electricity technologies

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