• July 31, 2023
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The highly anticipated CIGRE Capacity Building for Africa program recently concluded its week-long session at the prestigious University of Dar es Salaam. From 28th July to 2nd August, the event brought together experts, academics, and industry leaders to delve into critical discussions on Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy designs, focusing on Tanzania’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Organized by the UMEME Project, the program aimed to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and skill development in sustainable energy solutions. Attendees from various countries gathered to share insights, experiences, and innovative approaches to tackle the pressing issues of rural electrification and the integration of renewable energy sources.

The event witnessed engaging panel discussions, workshops, and presentations by thought leaders in the field. Participants explored cutting-edge technologies, policy frameworks, and community engagement strategies to drive forward the electrification agenda in remote areas while harnessing the potential of renewable resources.

Professor Antonio Illiceto a prominent figure in the renewable energy sector, delivered a keynote address highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving energy access goals. “The CIGRE Capacity Building for Africa program serves as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions that will pave the way for sustainable energy transformations in our continent,” said Prof. Illiceto

Dr. Santos Kihwele, UMEME Project coordinator from University of Dar es Salaam did an introduction to the Iliceto Shield Wire System (ISWS) followed by application of ISWS in Tanzania: the pilot project of Chalinze – Hale-Tanga HV transmission line given by engineering students who are benefiting from the UMEME Project.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit local renewable energy installations, at Kinyerezi Power Plant gaining firsthand insights into the practical implementation of solutions discussed during the program. The initiative’s inclusive approach aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

The UMEME Project expressed gratitude to all the attendees, partners, and stakeholders who contributed to the program’s success. As Africa seeks to leapfrog into a sustainable energy future, initiatives like the CIGRE Capacity Building for Africa program play a vital role in shaping strategies and fostering collaboration.

The discussions, ideas, and innovations generated during this event are expected to have a lasting impact on Tanzania’s energy landscape and contribute to the broader goal of achieving reliable and accessible energy for all Africans.

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